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Introducing to you CanFrame User Interface

CANFRAME UI Light Steel Gauge Software Design by CANFRAME Software Department.

Outputs taken from Design softwares are read by the CANFRAME SOFTWARE interface software and production process will start. In this process, production can be produced with the necessary precision by the help of data verification process in the CANFRAME Software.


  • Punchs independent, high precision, time and coordinated control.
  • Automatic production and production with forgetting without forgetting.
  • Ability to receive detailed reports on production.
  • A safe working environment with extra safety equipment and software compatibility.
  • Seamless process management and up-to-date availability with remote connection.
  • Wireless Remote controller support.
CanFrame Software User Interface

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LGS punches dimple


The dimple holes are punched in the center of the flange. They accurately locate the joining components and are recessed so that the head of the screw sits flush and allows the drywall to fit flat on the framing.

LGS punches - round truss end

Truss End

Notches chamfer on the Flanges on both sides of the section to allow a better fit and connection for angular joints.Mainly used on bracing components and trusses.

LGS punches - service hole

Service Hole

The service hole is available in one of several sizes, which can be selected when placing an order. A service hole can be punched into the studs and plates wherever cabling or plumbing is required.

LGS punches - swage


The swage crimps the section allowing it to fit inside a plate while maintaining the same overall external sizes for both plates and studs. This allows the cladding or drywall to sit completely flat against the framing and gives improved end bearing between the stud and plate intersections.

LGS punches - lip notch

Lip Notch

The lips are notched out to allow the stud to pass through, it can be used by itself or in conjunction with the web notch.

LGS punches web notch

Web Notch

The web is notched out to allow one stud to pass through another. It can be used by itself or in conjunction with the lip notch.

LGS punches - three holes

Three Holes

It is applied to the Web and Flange areas of the profile. In total, 4 small and 8 large holes are applied simultaneously. Thanks to this mold set, joining the wall panels with each other at the corners becomes more stronger, smoother and easier.

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