ECO Statement

If we are to be part of the solution for a construction industry solving a global housing supply issue, it is fundamental that we take responsibility for sustainable framing manufacture. Our machines employ everything from energy efficient drive motors that surpass EFF1 requirements, to auto-off switches and EMC filters to minimise environmental impact. That is just the start. Sustainability for us is about a reduced overall carbon footprint, maximised recycling capability and optimized energy efficiency. That is better for the environment, and it is great for your bottom-line too.



Steel has the unique advantage of being able to be recycled as often as required without losing any of its inherent strength or properties.

Steel framing, off-cuts and even the Howick machines can be recycled at the end of their lifecycle.

Smaller carbon emissions


As our machines are compact and efficient, the power required to produce the framing is significantly less than larger machinery.

Parts are manufactured close to the assembly plant and the low volume of freighting required for Howick machines makes them a more environment friendly machine.

Energy Efficiency


All Howick, machines are fitted with energy efficient drive motors that comply with all European and international standards and surpass the EFF1 limit value.

Howick frame machines automatically switch off components not in use to lessen power consumption and reduce carbon emissions. All Howick machinery is CE certified and fitted with EMC filters to ensure it not only meets all safety standards but is environmentally friendly.



All scrap steel, paper, cardboard, lubricant and waste oil from the manufacturing process is recycled, while all outsourced manufacturing data has been replaced with an electronic paperless system.

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