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CanFrame CF-160
  • CF-160 LGS framer can process maximum 1.6mm thickness and S350 quality steel coil.
  • It can run one or multiple web width sizes depending on the selected machine model.
  • The rollform unit consists of 12 rollform stations and is powered by an 8Kw motor.
  • The hydraulic unit works with a 11 KW motor.
  • Hydraulic oil tank is 150lt.
  • Machine main control unit (PLC) accepts Vertex BD, Framebuilder MRD and Structsoft datas.
  • Machine controlled with 21” Touch Screen.
  • All produced profiles mark with Inkjet.
  • Machine Dimentions: 4500 x 900 x 1650 mm.


CF-160: One Web Width Size Profile production.
CF-160M: Multiple Web Width Size Profiles production.

Semi Auto Adjustment Manual Multiple Web Width Sizes


  1. Selected CANFRAME Machine
  2. DeCoiler
  3. Runout Table
  4. CANFRAME CAM Software Licence (Life Time)
  5. SABS (Steel Antiblocking System)*
  6. Wireless Remote Controller**


Pre Punches: Web Notch, Lip Notch, Dimple, Service Hole, Truss End, Optional Three Hole Punch.
Post Punches: Swage, Cut Off.

*SABS (STEEL ANTIBLOCKING SYSTEM). Unique developed SABS system eliminates problems such as sheet metal jamming inside the machine. SABS system prevents sheet metal jamming during profile production. In standard light steel construction machines, some scenarios like too many punching in one profile may cause steel jamming between rollform stations. SABS prevents that problem to ensure production smoothly without any delay.

**WIRELESS REMOTE CONTROLLER. During controlling rollform unit, prevents to stuck to screen. It allows to control Rollform unit (Steel forward or Backward), Punches (Apply Punches individually), Emergency Stop, De-Coiler, Start / Stop.

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