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Does your warranty cover evaluation, parts, yazılım, part transportation, technician, travel, meals, travel costs (all costs associated with the warranty claim)?

In cases where the error is caused by the seller, the warranty covers your damage. However, in cases of user error, you need to make an appointment in our after service department and then our technician team helps.

What is included in the basic spare parts?
Part No Description Quantity (PCS)
UNM12S-US35 Electronic Comp. UEC_1 4
UNM8S-US35 Electronic Comp. UEC_2 2
UNM12SC-US35 Electronic Comp. UEC_3 2
UNM8SC-US35 Electronic Comp. UEC_4 1
UNENC28-US35 Electronic Comp. UEC_5 1
UNSCA-US35 Electronic Comp. UEC_6 2
UN24DVC-US35 Electronic Comp. UEC_7 2
4X6HR-US35 Hanging Rope (4Tones x 6Meters) 2
2X3HR-US35 Cassette Carrying Rope (2Tons x 3 Meters) 2
CSW-US35 Cassette Screw Washer 5
HVAL4082-US35 Hydraulic Valve 1
HOF4850-US35 Hydraulic Oil Filter 1
HDCV4840-US35 Hydraulic Directional Control Valve 1
DPP23-US35 Dimple Punch (Depends on Machine Type) 4
CTLS35-US35 Cut to Lenght Shear (Depends on Machine Type) 2
What is your warranty service response time commitment?

As soon as you become a part of CANFRAME Family, we create a WhatsApp group to carry out our after-sales services with prompt service.

What specific services, personal and components are available in all over the world?

Currently, we have many partners and sales representative: two in China, one in France and one in Germany. All of our machine components are very well-known brands and available to find all around the world.

Can you supply historical reliability and service data?

There is a huge database collected from our customers’ feedbacks and their machine records that we can share with our customers.

Can additional hydraulic station bays be bought after delivery and incorporated at a later date without your company involvement?

Hydraulic equipment can be easily supplied in each part of the world. We pay great attention to the fact that the same products and/or equivalents can be supplied by our customers.

Are the punching stations able to be added later by buyer if need additional feature?

Yes, they are. Since our machine designs have unique modular units, it is very easy to add new punching units or remove the default ones. The machine trunk (Rollform Unit) is based on the cassette unit so all main body parts can be easily dismantled within hours.

Are there removable and replaceable punches/dies for the die sets for each station?

Yes, there are.

Can the punches/dies be sharpened?

Yes, they can.

How difficult to change out and adjust the replacement punches/dies?

It is very easy to change it. When your operator gets the training at CANFRAME Facility, we illustrate to him every aspect of adjustment.

Can replacement punch/dies be purchased for easy change out?

We can provide you if required.

Do you need or want oiled coil material for machine?

We do not need any oiled coil material. The machine has got a water chamber inside for cooling purposes. It can be used if required, but you should make sure that you mix the boron and water at the intended ratio shown in the user guide that comes with the machine.

It seems the machine is built in segments. Is the machine shipped fully assembled or sections that need to be attached together upon receipt at customer?

It is shipped to the delivery place as fully assembled.

Are the punching stations operated individually during fabrication or multiple stations at one time?

The punching station’s base unit machined whole body then the inside punching cores are produced individually over the fabrication.

How long does it typically take to change to a same width coil in the machine?

If you have a crane in your facility, it would take approximately 20 mins.

How long would it typically take to change between two width coils and change machine setting?

Depending on your operator’s experience and knowledge of the machine, it would take approximately 45 mins.

Will the machine stop operation and eject existing material when the coil runs out? Is there any alarm or notifications?

There is an alarm on decoiler that enables the machine to stop the operation after 5 sec since their sensors do not read the coil.

Can the machine run hot dip galvanized steel materials with powder coated or painted overcoat?

Our machine is quite convenient to use galvanized steel. If you would like to run these sorts of materials as powder coated or pre-painted-steel we can supply and adjust the rollers according to your requirements.

What would be the best type of roll steel for a place with high corrosion? Is any cleaning, coating or service required on rollers?

The chromated coating we use would be strong enough to fight against air corrosion. As a recommendation, you need to clean and oil the machine after each production process.

Where does the waste material go during fabrication?

There is a discharge part inside the machine.

Do you supply the system with electrical surge protection?

Yes, we do.

Does the machine sense over and under voltage and supply a warning and/or shutdown for safety?

Yes, it does when it is supplied under-voltage and has a system that stops the machine.

Is there a low hydraulic warning with machine safety shutdown?

Yes, there is.

Is there an out feed table that can be removed and stored from the machine that allows for substantial number of output?

Yes, there is.

Does your company offer or have knowledge of third party people who can take our house design along with our fabrication guidelines and ultimately create the framer machine file? This would likely be a service we would consider employing.

Our software partner, VertexBD, trains your team and give you all the information about the designs. However, if you need such additional service to get from us, we can provide you service at CANFRAME Facility.

Is there software that allows the machine to stop after each wall/truss/joist package is complete?

Yes, there is. It warns you 5 mins before the intended number of production ends.

Can a specific fabrication sequence be programmed for assemblies (walls, joists and trusses) of the house?

The sequence of operations can be arranged in the VertexBD program.

What is the most common issues customers have after they purchased the product?

Our machine is user-friendly, but if an operator without enough experience would not be able to adjust the machine easily. Therefore, the first training we would give at our facility plays a very crucial role for the buyer’s operator and the machine life.

What is your company maximum time commitment to start addressing the issue?

We can find various sorts of solutions from remote. We are creating wp groups and find some technicians to help you in every aspect such as from software to mechanical at CANFRAME. We are acting very agile to our customers to reduce downtime for the customer.
We are connecting to your machine from here and detect the problem. Apart from this, if any action is required to take, we will assign your operator to solve the problem at your factory. In any case of emergency, our technician team goes to your factory to handle it in the filed.
We prefer to train your operator in our plant before delivering your machine. We mostly invite the customer’s operator to our plant just before the delivery of the machine.


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